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Asking the right questions can not only lead to profound answers but even turn your life around. This is the message that Mark Murray expresses in his book, Why?: To Answer Questions Why Leads to Personal Freedom. Murray shares some of the toughest challenges he faced in his life and how he overcame them by questioning the nature of his circumstances.

After turning his life for the better, Mark “The Welder” wanted to share what he learned from his experiences to people who are going through similar struggles. He wanted to show them a way out of their trials and possibly change their mindset of how to view their circumstances. Why? Is the first book in a series of self-help books from Mark “The Welder.”

WHY? by mark Welder

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There are just some books that are meant for the big or small screen. For authors who have aspirations of making it big in Hollywood, Rushmore Press has rolled out a new service just for you. Introducing Rushmore Pictures.

Rushmore Pictures is a service intended for authors that want their books adapted into films, short films, book trailers, and documentaries. We aid in the adaptation of book to screenplay, optioning of rights, connecting with the right producers and directors, and even submitting the films to film festivals. This service is part of the Author Ambassador Program of Rushmore Press.

If you think your book has the makings of a film or TV show, get in touch with Rushmore Pictures today.




Through our connections in the entertainment industry, your dream of seeing your story on the big (or small) screen may become a reality.

Driven by our long years of experience in book publication and marketing, Rushmore Press has helped authors reach literary success. Some our authors have received critical acclaim and even awards from their books. But as part of our Author Ambassador Program, we are expanding our services to authors who want to adapt their books to movies or TV shows.

From manuscript to screenplay

The first step to make your Hollywood dream a reality is turning your book into a script. This meticulous task would only be carried out by qualified screen writers to ensure that your book is ripe for film. This is a crucial step so that directors, producers, and even studios could see the potential of your adapted screenplay on the big (or small) screen.

Making noise

After the script is written, naturally you’d want to make sure that it lands in the right hands. For that to happen, you need to attract the attention of the right people, particularly producers and studio heads. We, at Rushmore Pictures, can help generate publicity to entice the creative heads in the entertainment industry.

Connecting with the right producers

While directors execute the vision, producers are actually the people that oversee the entirety of the film project in its entirety. They set the budget, hire the right people, set the schedule, attach the right actors and director for the project. Rushmore Pictures is connected with several experienced producers that would see your film adaptation to its fruition.

Optioning the rights

Even if you decided to option your book, it can still be hard to turn over creative control to someone else. You want to make sure that the final output stays true to the source material. For this, you need a publishing agent that would put your best interests at heart. Not only will our agents help you retain creative control, but even set an agreeable price for your book. And they will only connect you with producers and directors that would truly understand your manuscript.

Film Festival Glory

Some of our authors’ short films have been fortunate enough to be selected in certain film festivals. Part of our Author Ambassador is to submit the final output to several film festival to boost recognition not only for the film but also for the book. We would also promote the film through press releases and other media appearances. Your film adaptation can also reach the same level of success with our help.

Ultimately, film is another medium to transmit your vision or ideas out into the world. We, at Rushmore Press, are willing to go the extra mile to make sure your book’s film adaption is done right and gets the recognition it deserves.


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